6-7 November 2008 | Hotel Bristol Stephanie | Brussels, Belgium
91-93 Avenue Louise • Brussels, Belgium
B-1050 • Phone: +32 (0)2 543 33 11


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Is Your Future for Sale?

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) procurement decisions determine:

  • How governments link with their citizens
  • How governments and regions link with one another
  • How businesses link to their supply chains and customers
  • How consumers link to one another

At issue are not just the cost of these capabilities, but control over them.

Those seemingly innocuous ICT buying decisions determine when, how, and at what cost you will share and access information in the future. Even more important are the policies that guide those decisions at both the governmental and corporate levels. Without the right policies in place, we are likely to end up with costly ICT infrastructures that fail at interconnectivity. Or worse, we will become dependent on ICT infrastructures over which we have no control.


About this conference

This informative and interactive event will focus on how procurement policies and practices will and should affect the future use of information and communications technology (ICT) and your ability to access and share information. It is critical to address these issues now as governments, businesses, and citizens build the infrastructure that can promote social and economic growth. These efforts can be threatened by:

  • Ineffective ICT standardization
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Weak conformance testing and enforcement
  • Ineffective strategy coordination across companies, governments, and regions
  • Uninformed technological choices
  • Out of date government procurement policies and legislation


At this forum, experts in public policy, procurement trade, standardization, and information and communications technology will address these threats. The conference will focus on identifying ICT standardization and government procurement policies that can be used to formulate strategies and implementation plans. Emphasis will be on identifying effective procurement policies, implementing those policies successfully, and on case studies that demonstrate the results of these actions. Based on forum discussions, recommendations will be made for how government can drive economic and social growth through procurement policies that foster the use of ICT standards.